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Charity Ball 2022

Proclamations of praise given to Jim Brogna by elected officialsState and Federal representatives give proclamations to Jm Brogna, UNICAN of the Year as Melanie Naro, toastmaster and Emcee Ryan Lecky observe
(l-r) Melanie Naro, Ryan Lecky, 114 th District State Rep Bridget Kosierowski;
 US Representative Matt Cartwright reading his proclamation, Jim Brogna, Honoree; 22nd District State Senator Marty Flynn; 112th District State Representative Kyle Mullins and 113th District State Representative Tom Welby
The Scranton Chapter of UNICO National held its 63rd annual fundraiser ball for charity at Genetti’s,Dickson City, in late February. The ball had a mardi gras theme.Honored this year was James Brogna, VP for Development at Allied Services.

seated front (l-r) Lori Nozzi, Patti Montalbano, Lorraine Duke,
 Linda Stefursky, Lynda Cook, Mary Ann Rubin, Ball Chair, Melanie Naro, Gail Cicerini, Barbara Roberts
2nd Row(l-R): Vince Martino, Chris DiMattio, Anne Martino, Carole Dopugherty, Debbie Bott, Diane Alberigi, Cindy Farina, Ann Genett, chapter president
3rd Row (l-r): Billy Bott, Charlie Spano, Sokieu Brutico, Dr. Anthony Brutico, Frank Gervasi, Lisa Bieri and Dave Bieri.

Past Scranton UNICANS of the Year congratulate honoree Jim BrognaSeated (l-r):Bob Montalbano; Patti Montalbano, National President Steve Pelonero, Honoree Jim Brogna, Chris Dimattio and Diane Alberigistanding (l-r): Dr. Peter Cognetti, Frank Blasi, Esq, Frank Castellano, Mary Mararra, Frank Gervast, chapter president Ann Genett and Charlie Spano

Mary Ann Rubin, chair of the 63rd annual UNICO ball announces the guests and the start of the event
National UNICO officers congratulate Jim Brogna
seated (l-r) Dr. Peter Pettinato, National executive Vice President; Steve Pelonero, National President; Jim Brogna UNICAN of the Year; Patricia Pelonero, First Lady  and Cav. Ralph Contini, first vice-president
standing (l-r) Dr. Frank DeFrank, past national president; Chris DiMattio, past national president; Joseph Agresti, past national president; Sal Benvenuti, executive director; Ann  Genett, Scranton Chapter President; Ann Walko, past national president and Anthony Bengivenga,second vice president
The Brogna Family(l-r): Talia, Laura Brogna, Jim Brogan and Gianna, in front is Marianna

The UNICO Foundation made a check presentation supporting Peggy’s Pathway For Women’s Cancer Care.  

Left to right:

Karen Clifford, Secretary Scranton Chapter UNICO, Natalie P. O’Hara, Peggy’s Pathway Board, Dr. Frank DeFrank, Past National President UNICO, Robert Pettinato, Peggy’s Pathway Board, Christopher DiMattio, Chairman UNICO Foundation, Lisa P. Davis, Peggy’s Pathway Board.