Unico Scranton Volunteer at Boys & Girls Club of NEPA

Scranton Chapter UNICO volunteers planted some beautiful new items in front of the Boys & Girls Club of NEPA as one of the Service Projects for the Year. Trees were planted in Memory of Capt. Jim Minicozzi and Past President Joe Preate.
Photo, left to right: Chris DiMattio, Past National President; Jim Sagona, Steve Andrichak, Dr. Douglas Sheldon, Joe Brogna, Jim Baress

Unico Scranton Plant Flags at Cathedral Cemetery

The Scranton Chapter UNICO National and Girl Scout from Troops 50162 and 50062 assisted Koch-Conley Post officials in placing flags on the graves of Veterans in Cathedral Cemetery.

Photo, seated left to right: Girl Scout Leader Jennifer Thomas, Girls Scouts Madison Romero, Grace Thomas, Zoey Sollers Fagan, Zelenka Barnes and Brownie Bella Gross

Standing left to right: Matt Fedor, Koch Conley Post adjutant; Melanie Naro, President of the Scranton Chapter UNICO National; Angelo Naro, Ann Genett, all with UNICO; Jennifer Thomas, Asst. Girl Scout Leader Troop 50162; LTC (ret.) Joe Albert, Commander Koch Conley Post; Katie Gross, Girl Scout Leader 50062; C.J. Langan, Girl Scout Leader, Lacy Forkal and Charlie Spano, Scranton UNICO.

Congratulations to Unicans of the Year Bob and Patty Montalbano

The 60th Annual Scranton Chapter Charity Ball was held on February 23 at Genetti Manor in Dickson City.  This year the Chapter honored Patricia and Bob Montalbano as UNICANs of the Year.  The committee includes Palma Yanni, Honorary Chairperson; Mary Marrara, Chairperson; Karen Clifford; Gail Cicerini; Jo Ann Verduce; Charlie and Mary Rose Spano; Joyce Lomma; Bill and Marie Waerhouse; Pat Yanni; Melanie Naro, Scranton Chapter President; Cindy Farino; Lisa and Dave Bieri; Ann Genett; Diane Alberigi; Ed Staback; Linda Stefursky; Tony Nicosia; Jim Brogna; Rose and Frank Blasi, Sr.; Frank Blasi, Esq.; Chris DiMattio; Joanne Quattrone; Bill Buckley; Dr. Jeff and Patti Rieder; Jim Baress; John Disanferdinand; Lynda Cook.


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